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  • What Kind of News do You Like Most03/28/2013

    Dear customers, welcome to our store. Gold4power highly appreciate your visiting. As a professional virtual currency dealer, we dedicate to offer cheap game currency including wow gold, Diablo 3 gold and Guild Wars 2 gol...

  • Which Part of Diablo 3 Attracts You Most03/20/2013

    [d3]The long waiting of Diablo 3 PvP has come to an end. Blizzard finally releases the new patch. Of course, the D3 PvP is worth players' patient waiting. A Diablo 3 hot begin again. Almost every game server of Diablo 3 ...

  • Great Diablo 3 Service at Gold4power03/06/2013

    [d3]Greeting everyone. Welcome to visit gold4power. As a professional virtual currency dealer, we used to mainly focus on WoW service. But to meet the need of our customers, we now provide Diablo 3 service as well. We wi...

  • The Boss of Grand Emprss Shek'zeer 02/04/2013

    [wow]Grand Empress Shek'zeer is the last in Fear of Heart and also the most difficult one to handle. Next, we will analysis the three stage of this battle in detail. The first period will last 150s and have nothing to d...

  • Recommendations for the PVE Warrior Skills in Guild Wars 201/29/2013

    [gw2]There will be a common problem for those friends who just entered into the Guild Wars 2: that is how to use the skill points to choose skills with most reasonable and efficient leveling.   Next, I will recomm...

  • Details of How to Fighte with the Boss of Sha of Fear01/28/2013

    [wow]Sha of Fear, the final boss of patch 5.1, is the last boss of Terrace of Endless Spring. Compared to the previous version, it is not so difficult since Sha of Fear don't have fury state. You should only take care of...

  • The Ranger's Short Bow and Great Sword Build With Pet in PVP01/26/2013

    [gw2]This build belongs to a kind of pet build. We can say that the Greatsword and shortbow is much flexible. I personally think it is not so useful than trap build in most times, while in the PVP, we can use this build ...

  • News Tag for Different Game Information01/26/2013

    Dear customers, welcome to visit our website. We are a professional virtual currency dealer that provides most popular MMORPG gold and other products at low price and fast delivery speed. What we do is all for the conven...

  • The Boss of Lei Shi01/25/2013

    [wow]Lei Shi is the third boss of Terrace of Endless Spring. Generally speaking, it is not very difficult. But the set of skills is very interesting and distinctive. We will analyze its skills and points you should pay a...

  • The boss of Tsulong01/24/2013

    Compared to Protectors of the Endless, Tsulong is more difficult to be defeated because of the change of battle mode.   The battle of Tsulong divides into two parts: day and night. The reason why this boss is diff...

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